Testimonials about Hess Equine Veterinary Services

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
I have been using Hess Equine for over 8 years and I couldn’t be happier with their professionalism, kindness, knowledge, and the care my horses have received. I have worked with Dr. Essie Rogers, Dr. Bill Hess, and Dr. Jamie Peddy, and all of them are extraordinary people and equine vets and I am incredibly grateful for their help over the years. A simple “thank you” will never be enough for all that they have done for my horses.

- Lisach G.

Essie and bill are the absolute BEST, most caring vets I have ever used. HIGHLY recommend

- Jody S.

The very Best!
Always there for you and your Horses! Excellent!

- Kathleen G.

Had Dr. Hess out a few months back for the first time, he was awesome and educated my 12 yr old grandson as to what he was doing �. Dr. Peddy came out recently and I have to say I absolutely adore her also. I would highly recommend this practice!

- Becky W.

Excellent in every way possible!!!!

- Julie D.

Amazing care, awesome response time, and genuine compassion

- Jessica S.

I have been with Hess Equine for years. Excellent staff and always prompt and call back ASAP. Professional and courteous

- Sheryl H.

Dr. Essie Rogers is the best ever she is so caring and takes the best care of horses. And even answers text on her vacation. Thank you for always being there and for teaching me new things every time. You are truly a blessing to me

- Terry B.

We are new horse owners and were given Hess Equine Vet Services & Dr. Rodgers as a vet to contact. We are SO glad we did!!! Dr. Rodgers is professional, caring, compassionate ( especially to newbie humans) and a wonderful vet. We have found so much peace in our transition from horse lovers to horse owners, just having Hess vet and Dr. Rodgers available to us!!!! Always highly recommended....and greatly appreciated! Warmly, Our Family including Remy & Smokey

- Toni-Marie O.

Dr Rogers is an absolute angel! She's knowledgeable and cares for her patients (both horse and human!). I sing her praises to anyone who will listen!

- Jennifer D.

These guys are simply the best. They make finding a comparable small animal vet impossible.

- Erica P.

Skilled, compassionate and honest. Just what you need in a vet.

- Sandy W.

I called Hess Equine yesterday evening due to an emergency with my horse. I was unable to get in touch with my normal vet quickly enough so I put the call into Hess and I am so happy I did. Unfortunately the outcome was not good for my horse, we had to say goodbye. I called Dr Hess, who was out of town but assured me his associate would call me shortly. Within 2 minutes I received a call from Dr Rogers. She arrived at the barn in less than 30 minutes. Her compassion and kindness was more than I could have ever expected or hoped for. I am so grateful for everything Dr Rogers did to try to save my horse and for her sincere approach to the entire ordeal. Thank you so much Hess Equine and Dr Rogers!!

- Rachel Z.

First I followed Dr Peddy to this veterinary office, I love her and she is great with my horses. Well she gave me Dr Rogers number to have my two horses teeth floated, let me tell you she is awesome too!! I could not be happier, she was nice, great with the horses, professional, knowledgeable and down to earth!!! Thank you so much!!!

- Dawn H.

Dr. Hess responded to our equine emergency in less than 45 minutes. Outstanding care & Dr. Peddy tagged teamed him when he had to leave. Dr. Roger's was also involved with the extensive care. I HIGHLY recommend Hess Equine Veterinary Services. LLC when you need the best in equine care.

- Lynn B.

Thank You❗️ Dr. Essie Rogers❗️ and so happy you are apart of the team at Hess Veterinary. Dr. Rogers's is patient, knowledgable and takes her time. She does follow up calls checking to see how my horses are doing in the process of their recovery which I really appreciate. You feel as though you are her only client when I know she has so many others in need of her expertise. You and Dr. Hess are awesome and can not say enough wonderful things about the both of you❗️I would highly recommend her to my clients and friends now and in the future... Thank you again.

- Michele M.

Dr. Rogers is great! Couldn't get anyone to come out for an emergency colic, and she came out right away. Glad to have found her for my old man also.

- Caroline V.

I had never used Dr. Hess's services before yesterday, but my horse somehow got a pretty deep laceration on her hind left heel bulb, and it was bleeding to a significant degree. My regular vet on call was already on the way to another emergency, and my barn owner's vet was seeing patients in her own office, and neither would be able to get there for a few hours.

My barn owner recommended I try Dr. Hess, even though I wasn't a client of his. He was doing some (what I believe was) routine work at a farm, but he knew my horse should be seen as soon as possible. He was so wonderful to come to the barn immediately to see my mare. He spent the morning cleaning and stitching her up. He was amazing. He explained everything he was doing, what I should expect - both good possibilities and not so good, wrote down all of her aftercare instructions, and didn't leave until I was completely comfortable with how to care for my mare.

I have never had a "bad" vet - not for my horses or my cats - but my horses will definitely be seeing Dr. Hess in the future.

- Amanda S.

Dr. Hess and his staff have proven to be an incredible find for myself and my horse, Breeze. I first used Dr. Hess as a result of an impact ion colic when I couldn't reach my previous vet. He came out within an hour for a horse and person he had never seen before and provided not only exceptional care that day, but continued follow up care. He is there no matter the time of day or situation. Couldn't imagine using another vet for anything horse related. Looking forward to using this practice for many years to come!

- Treazure M.

Great vet. Really looking forward to working with Dr. Hess !

- Michael M.

Dr. Hess is an amazing vet who I would reccomend to any that has horses and is looking for someone who know their stuff I can tell you from experience that Dr. Bill Hess is the best vet around he will take the time to answer your questions and most importantly he does his job to 100% I have never had any problems with him and he will take the best care of all horses and knows what the best plan is to getting them feeling better. You are excellent Bill thank you for all your years of service!

- Faith S.

Best Vet Ever! He is so patient with our Mules...if he doesnt answer his phone is he ia extremely prompt about calling you back. This man cares, and Loves his job! He even doea personal follow up calls....great highly recommended by us here at CR Mules!!!

- Carole H.

Just had Dr. Hess out for the first time yesterday bc we are new to the area and the distance was too far for our regular vet. I'm so glad we made the choice to go with Dr. Hess, I highly recommend this Doctor to anyone and everyone.

- Kelly B.

Recommend highly!

- Mary W.

5 Stars!

- Sarah S.

Very impressed. Down to earth and very patient & informative (especially for a someone who isn't as knowledgeable as she should be!). Will definitely be using Dr. Hess's services in the future.

- Kathy S.

He is always there for your call and kindhearted

- Leslie L.

Awesome vet.... We love him at our barn. He takes care of our 60 horses. Highly recommend.

- Dolores K.