Emergency Services


We provide 24 hour emergency equine care. Call 717-881-9996


We return and respond to all emergency calls as quickly as possible to assess the severity of the situation and develop a plan. In the event that more than one emergency call is received simultaneously, we triage the calls to address the most critical case first. 


In order to help us find you and your horse during an emergency situation, please be prepared to provide the address of the property where your horse is located.


Hess Equine does charge an emergency fee which varies based on the time of day, day of the week, holiday, etc. 




Normal Baseline Equine Vital Signs:

Temperature: 99 – 101.5⁰F

Heart Rate: 24-40 bpm (beats per minute)

Respiratory Rate: 12-24 bpm (breaths per minute)

Mucous membranes (gums) should be pink and moist